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'Comfort to customers' is the motto.
GoShoppi differentiate itself by offering a one-stop for all the shopping
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GoShoppi is an instant live ordering platform from your local favourite and
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No more getting stuck in traffic jams, paying for parking,
standing in long queues and heavy lifting of shopping bags.
Shop online from
your Favourite Neighbourhood Stores!
Time is Precious
When time is precious, save it! Don't be luxurious in spending time by visiting shops when the same purpose is served with GoShoppi. Life should be simple and happy, particularly after tiring day. If you find essentials missing, you will be pulled down. GoShoppi comes into scene to serve you, the way you want. The online shopping bridges the gap between customer and shop by assisting in getting handpicked and desired items to your doorstep at amazing speed. GoShoppi is a unique solution to all your shopping needs.